Blog Hiatus

December 19, 2014

After not much activity over the past year or so, it seems time to put the blog into “snow bird” status. The “golden age” of blogging is long behind us, and likewise my better / popular writing. Finding motivation has been increasingly difficult lately, what with external pressures and other platforms with less friction.

Moving forward, I’ll “post” more on Twitter (and the ubiquitous Facebook) about the old standbys: technology (Apple), movies, TV shows, and whatever else I find interesting.

Apple: Solid Hardware, Software Slipping?

November 23, 2014

At this juncture I’ve had a while to play around with the iPhone 6, and the newest versions of both iOS and OS X. But I have to mention an uncomfortable feeling that while Apple’s hardware is the best it’s ever been (love the iPhone 6 camera, screen quality, and battery life), the software quality seems to be slipping.

On New iPads, Retina iMac, Mac Mini

October 22, 2014

Last week’s Apple Special Event has come and gone. I’m most impressed by the Retina iMac, pretty “meh” on the new iPads, and almost disappointed by the Mac Mini.

On A Boring iPad

October 15, 2014

Tomorrow Apple will definitely announce an iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3, as evidenced by a leaked photo. But it’s a truly boring leak: the iPad looks essentially the same as before and a Touch ID button the most notable addition. It’s inline with expectations and therefore, utterly unexciting.

On “It’s Been Way Too Long”

October 11, 2014

Another Apple event on 10/16/14. Safe bet on a new iPad and iMacs, but I hope the phrase “It’s Been Way Too Long” refers to the handful of products that haven’t seen an update in quite some time—specifically, the Mac Mini, Thunderbolt Display, and Apple TV.